About 3CF

The work of 3CF can be broadly divided into two functions with significant crossover and collaboration noted between the two. 3CF is also a collaborative group, often working with other hospital groups or departments at both a local, national and international level as well as working closely with partner groups in academia and private Industry. Internally the groups responsibilities and activities generally fall under either “Clinical“ or “Research”.

Our multidisciplinary team provide care for over 200 adult patients with Cystic fibrosis. This multidisciplinary team is led by a consultant in respiratory medicine and the director of 3CF, Professor Barry Plant.
Much of the clinical work and care is provided by our excellent group of 3 clinical nurse specialists. They are supported by a Registrar who assists in the ongoing care provided to each patient with CF attending our day unit facility. Two dedicated dieticians and physiotherapists complete the multidisciplinary team and assist in the management of our patients. The multidisciplinary team is further supported by a medical team of doctors who assist in the care of patients admitted for inpatient based treatment.

Our research team is composed of a group of individuals with diverse backgrounds, skill sets and interests. This is reflected in the areas of research the group have worked on previously, are working on currently and intend exploring in the future.
Please see the “Research” section for details of previous and ongoing work.
The Research team is once again led by the Director of 3CF, Professor Barry Plant. The research team consists of a number of Research Nurses whose responsibilities rest heavily in the efficient management and roll out of the various clinical trials 3CF is involved in. A Research Registrar has responsibilities across both the “Clinical” and “Research” functions. A Research Support Officer with extensive laboratory experience further supports the groups’ research activities. 3CF is also fortunate to have the experience and expertise of a Post Doctorate Researcher who provides technical support as well as championing some of our most interesting research areas.
Research is a strong theme that can be seen throughout the 3CF group as other members of the clinical team, medical students and team members from other hospital departments have performed and continue to perform pieces of research on various aspect of care associated with Cystic fibrosis.