CF Care

Overview of Our Research

The Cork Centre for Cystic Fibrosis/3CF is composed of a multidisciplinary team focused on providing the best possible level of care to our patients. In addition the multidisciplinary team is heavily involved in various research activities. The groups active participation in various areas of research has enabled the group to investigate a variety of issues relating to the care we provide to our patients. The results that we observe from our research efforts allow us as a group to better understand these issues. With this information we can change and improve the level of care we provide. We continually aim to listen to our patients, assess the issues affecting them and ultimately improve the care we provide to them.
Each member of the multidisciplinary team is involved in a number of research focused activities. As a group, we are actively involved in facilitating several large scale clinical trials. More recently, our involvement in these trials has focused on the latest CFTR modulator therapies. The group has a lengthy track record in performing its own studies to assess the long term safety and efficacy of these treatments. Identifying issues and barriers to the use of these drug treatments is an ongoing challenge. The use of Virtual Reality to improve certain aspects of patient care, namely the patient transition process, is another aspect of research that the group has a proven track record. The group is also focused on ensuring certain care related activities are audited appropriately. The groups dieticians and physiotherapists continue to perform several important research projects that influence the care we provide to our patients.
Finally, we make significant efforts to pass on the information and knowledge we gain to the wider CF community, such that every CF patient may benefit from the research related activities we do here at 3CF.
Please see the section on “Research” for further details.