CF Care

Transitioning to the 3CF Adult Clinic

The transition process from the paediatric service to the adult service begins in the paediatric setting where patients are prepared from approximately age 14 for the transfer to the adult clinic after their 16th birthday. Those patients transferring to the adult service will get an opportunity to visit the adult CF day unit during a paediatric clinic visit where they can be familiarised with the unit and how it operates briefly before being given an appointment to return for a full annual assessment. Patients transferring from the paediatric service will already be very familiar with annual assessments. It includes:

  • A full set of fasting blood tests, including an oral glucose tolerance test (if not diabetic)
  • Lung function
  • Chest xray
  • Six minute walking test/ Modified shuttle walk test
  • Specimen sample collection
  • Discussions with the CF nurse specialist, CF physiotherapist, CF dietician, CF pharmacist and if necessary the medical registrar.

Every patients 1st official appointment in the adult CF day unit in CUH is for an annual assessment which allows for patients and the adult CF team to get to know each other a little better and to gather important information about how the patients are on transferring. The patients return 6-8 weeks later for a clinic appointment where their annual assessment results are discussed and they will get to meet the CF consultant, Professor Barry Plant.

You can meet the Adult CF Clinical Team by clicking here

Testimonials from our Patients

I transferred to the CUH CF Unit around the age of 17/18. At the time it was over double the distance from the hospital I was attending as a paediatric and other options for where I could transfer as an adult but my parents and I had heard great things about the team in Cork and how they treat/work with their patients so we went there to meet with them to discuss potentially transferring there. Immediately after this initial meeting I knew that this was far and away the ideal choice for me. From the get go it was clear that the team all held very similar beliefs to me in terms of how CF should be treated, primarily that life comes first and CF comes second. They always want to work with you rather than tell you what to do. They want to hear how you feel rather than just what the test results say. Their philosophy seems to revolve around making sure you can live your life with CF being as small a part of it as possible (but an important part). This comes in many forms, but two in particular stand out to me. While I was in college (about 2 hours from CUH), wherever possible they would actually make house visits rather than make me drive to the hospital myself for a blood test or something similar which didn't actually require me to be at the hospital. The other thing, which is potentially the best part of their care in terms of helping put you at ease, is the fact that they have a shared mobile phone which means that you can call & speak to a member of the team in case of emergency or even just to ask a quick question. I really feel these two things exemplify how much they care about every one of the patients that they are willing to make these sacrifices and give so much of their own time to help us live our lives with as little worry about CF as possible. Each and every member of staff is kind, attentive, great at their job, and honestly... just sound out. It will sound like a horrendous cliché but it's hard not to think of them almost like a family. They will be happily willing to work with you, whatever your requirements, and they will chat away with you the whole time in a way that sometimes makes hospital appointments almost seem like socialising with an old friend rather than the same old unpleasant slog that you've done a hundred times before.

- Patient 1

The transition from the paediatric unit to the adult unit couldn’t be easier, both the paediatric team and the adult team are so supportive and reassuring.

- Patient 2

Hi there, I am a mother to 2 teens with cf, one in adults the other in peads. Moving from peads to adult CF care in CUH didn’t seem to be too much of transition because it was all in the same hospital. But still the kids team was all we ever knew and were like a 2nd family for 16yrs so we were a bit weary of the change, new doctors, nurses ect. We are in Adults now nearly 3yrs and it’s like we have always been here, the team are terrific and always on the end of the phone if we have a problem or need anything at all. My daughter goes to clinic now herself and manages fine by herself, her confidence has grown now she dosen’t have me there anymore to answer her questions. The nurses and drs are so easy to talk to who are excellent in their profession and very friendly. So very happy overall with everything.

- Parent 1

If you are a patient or a parent who transitioned to the Cork Adult CF Centre, and would like to share your experience, please complete the short form found by clicking here.