Virtual Clinic


Click the link text/emailed to you to join the Adult CF Virtual Clinic Waiting Room. Don't forget to have your Virtual Clinic Pack ready (weighing scales, thermometer, spirometer, oxygen saturation device).
When you log on your healthcare provider sees you arrive in the waiting area queue and joins you in your virtual clinic when they are ready. If they are delayed they may send you a text message on the screen.

Getting Started

Make sure you are in a quiet, private, well-lit space for your clinic appointment. You will need a camera (webcam, or smartphone camera) and a microphone. When you click your Attend Anywhere Link, you will be brought to the Attend Anywhere software - there are two buttons: Test Call, Start Video Call. Please be sure to make a test call first to make sure your camera and microphone are working. If this is your first time using Attend Anywhere we suggest watching the video at the end of this page.

  • You should log on and start your video call about 10 minutes before your appointment time.
  • Use a well-lit area with adequate space however avoid pointing the device into direct sunshine or very bright light.
  • Consider your environment; Be mindful of others and of your surroundings.
  • Remember that the other participants can see you. Participate as if it was a face to face consultation.
  • Avoid sitting in front of a window or transparent wall. People or other elements behind you can be distracting for participants.
  • Do Not have any items with personal details in sight / at eye level
  • Noise pollution; turn off TVs or radios etc
  • Trip risks; remove mats or rugs etc if you have to do any exercise for the healthcare provider.
  • Have someone on hand to support you should you need it.

Useful Links

How to Use Attend Anywhere - Patient Guide (PDF, size 805.6 KB, 6 pages)
Attend Anywhere - Patient Information Leaflet (PDF, size 977.7 KB, 2 pages)
Attend Anywhere Troubleshooting Guide (PDF, size 668.1 KB, 1 page)