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What is a Gastrostomy Tube?

What is a Gastrostomy Tube?

A gastrostomy tube is a feeding tube inserted through the abdominal wall into the stomach for the purpose of nutritional support (NICE,2006)

Why do I need a Gastrostomy Tube?

There are many reasons why a gastrostomy tube would be inserted. It is usually for patients who require medium to long term feeding. In cystic fibrosis patients it is used to assist weight gain and to improve your BMI.

What wil the Gastrostomy Tube look like?

Prior to insertion of a gastrostomy tube the type of tube should be discussed with the patient. The type of tube is dependent on the patient's diagnosis, situation and prognosis. In cystic fibrosis patients a Corflow or Mic-Key are first choice.


It is important to know what type of tube the patient has insitu. Removal or replacement of tube is dependent on type of tube. Some tubes as shown in the images have an internal retention bolster that holds the tube in place and an external fixation device that stabilizes tube on the outside. They may need to be endoscopically removed.


Gastrostomy Tubes can be placed by three methods.
1. Endoscopic: (PEG) Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy
2. Radiological: (RIG) Radiological Inserted Gastrostomy
3. Surgical: Surgically Inserted Gastrostomy

For CF patients, your gastrostomy tube will be inserted in radiology. You will be fasting from 12 midnight and you will be given sedation.

What symptoms should I look out for after the?

If you experience any of the following please contact a member of your care team:
Over Granulation
Fixation Device to tight
Leakage at site
Contact dermatitis

How long will it last and how is it used?

This depends on the tube inserted.
If it is a mic-key or corflo it will be changed every 6 months.
If it is the freka or other type, it can stay in for 2-5 years.

Care and replacement of my Gastrostomy Tube

Method of change for mic-key button and corflo are similar.

Wil the Gastrostomy Tube limit my activities?

Your mic-key should not impact most activites. Some tubes can be converted to a button when not in use, making it easier for certain activities.